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Strength in Numbers - The UK Pallets Network

UK Pallets member of logo

Kenley's are proud members of the UK Pallets Network, an organisation made up of 85 private haulage companies. These companies work closely together to provide personalised, seamless delivery solutions across the UK and around the world.

Modern customers often require a next-day delivery service. It is often not possible for a single company to provide this to all parts of the country so the UK Pallet Network was created in order to remedy the situation. The network now allows us to provide next-day delivery on anything from a single carton to a 28-ton payload, anywhere on the UK mainland. The premium next-day service is available at a very competitive rate as is the comprehensive range of other tariffs available, including three-day economy and timed deliveries. European deliveries can be arranged within a week and worldwide deliveries within a month; weekend delivery can also be arranged.

The Kenley's dedication to providing services of superior quality has been carried into our association with UK Pallets. Our records on compliance and delivery with the organisation have never dropped below 99.1%, consistently placing us at the head of the performance league tables. Kenley's joined UK Pallets in 2007 and have won awards during every quarter; to date, we have never failed a delivery. Tina Roberts, Compliance Manager at UK Pallets, said, "They (Kenley's) are highly respected by our other members and are truly a gem within our network".

UK Pallets continue to enhance and improve their service. Recently, a user-friendly IT system has been installed, seamlessly bringing together all of the company's operations and managing freight from collection to delivery. Weight-checking facilities and scanning and verifying tools have been consistently improved with investment from the parent company Business Post Group.

Kenley's transportation, order picking, warehousing and distribution services provide solutions to a diverse array of customers. To find out how we could help your business with our many years of expertise, please contact 01254 701633 or email

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