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The Kenley's Customer Web Interface


As part of making sure our customers receive the most clear, accurate and detailed service from us, Kenley's offer unique access to our professional web interface. This service allows customers an unprecedented level of control over a range of important aspects of their interaction with us.

It is essential that a company has instant access to its current list of collections and deliveries pending. Clearly and concisely displayed on a month-to-view calendar is a comprehensive view of current order statuses, showing how many are ready for collection or delivery along with information on any completed or cancelled jobs. To optimise time management, the Kenley's Customer Web Interface also offers a handy and effective Traffic Diary and Traffic Management screen.

Inputting jobs is simple using our dedicated service. The form can be quickly filled in online before submitting to the Manpack3 system which highlights alerts of jobs waiting to be confirmed back to the customer. Pending jobs are clearly shown in red, turning to green once the haulier has confirmed the job.

PODs can be viewed online in order to facilitate the verification of signatures and other pertinent details. A single-click allows the document to be printed for administrative purposes and completed jobs are stored in an easy-to-access list along with their scanned PODs. Once in the database, PODs can be quickly retrieved using our efficient POD search facility.

Entering customer lists can be a time-consuming process. Our web interface makes the job quick and simple by allowing lists to be uploaded using the popular Microsoft Excel software.

Accessing the web interface could not be easier: all you need is your customer number. If you are not sure of this or need any further assistance, do not hesisate to contact our team.

We are available by telephone on 01254 701633 or by email at

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