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Stuck at Work?

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Lesley and Andrew Walker

During hot sunny weather, nobody wants to be stuck at work. Why not let Kenley's take the pressure off? We provide an efficient, comprehensive order picking and rework service that could allow you the free time to enjoy the current heatwave.

Accepting orders from customers lies at the very heart of the success of a business. In order to ensure maximum potential is reached, customers should be able to order in a number of ways according to the particular needs of the business. The Kenley's service is designed to maximise the potential by offering manual as well as electronic ordering, information which is then entered into our effective LocateIt warehouse system. Composed of an array of logistical and management tools, including internet technology and RF (Radio Frequency), the system allows Kenley's to optimise all goods flow, managing stock with total accuracy.

RF technology centres around the scanner which is used to read barcode data from the labels of packaging, storing and distributing this information to allow for simple order picking. The stored information is then used to track each individual item throughout its journey, providing electronic confirmation at every step of the process. Packages, parcels and pallets can be labelled, repackaged and booked before being delivered by our dedicated fleet of modern vehicles.

Returns and other aspects of stock management can create a great deal of administrative work. Kenley's are experts in providing complete stock control systems to our clients, efficiently and rapidly processing returns and completing all necessary paperwork. From start to finish, the entire process can be left safely in our hands.

If work of this type has been taking up all of your precious summer days, it's time to consider allowing Kenley's to do the work for you. Our impressive reputation has been built upon for many years and the highest levels of quality and customer service are guaranteed as standard.

For more information on our range of rework, order picking, transport, warehousing and distribution services, please contact our team on 01254 701633 or email us at

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