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At Kenley's our ethos is to provide an excellent service at a fair price, we believe that if you give the customer what they want they will return time and time again, with this aim we have a team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff who will provide you, the customer, with an unrivaled level of service, we will not only meet your needs but surpass them.

It is no coincidence that clients that come to Kenley's stay at Kenley’s. We have customers that started using us in the 1970’s and are still with us today, our client base ranges from muti-nationals such as DS Smith group, Graham & Brown and H.O.T, to local company’s such as the WEC Group and Holden Decor Ltd, but whether our clients store one pallet or five thousand pallets with us, the level of commitment and dedication from our staff remains the same. We still believe in the old saying "Customer is King"

"We will not only meet your needs but surpass them".

"Customer is King".

"Knowledgeable and dedicated staff".

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