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History, Kenley Motors Ltd

Kenley Warehousing and Distribution Ltd is a family run business which was founded in 1975 by Michael Kenlock.

Michael at that time owned a small unit at cotton hall Darwen known as Kenley Motors where he had repaired motor vehicles for over eight years. One day a director of a nearby company asked Mick if he could store a couple of pallets in his unit for a few weeks. Gradually the number of pallets grew and the weeks turned into months, Soon Mick had no room to repair motor vehicles and decided to take on another unit, within a matter of weeks this unit was also full, it was at this point that Mick realized his future lay in the storage industry.

Mick started looking around the local area to find a suitable warehouse. The site of the old Darwen paper mill was empty and Mick decided to put an offer in which was accepted and Kenley Warehousing and Distribution Ltd was established.


Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, from our humble beginnings in a small back street lockup to a fully modernised operation utilising the latest technologies we have certainly come a long way. We run a modern fleet of vehicles which are maintained by our own fully equipped garage on site. We now have storage space in excess of 140,000 sq ft and employ over 40 staff. Whilst others have come and gone, our company has continued to grow and is now the only storage and distribution company left in this area.

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